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Rooms and Suites

We understand the varying needs of our customers and we have different categories of rooms

Single Room

Small, self contained 10x7 Ft room with single 4x6 Ft bed. Suitable for in-transit customers with a limited budget.

TSH 50,000/= or $45   Book Now

Deluxe Room One BB

10.5x9 Ft room with single 4x6 ft bed. Deluxe room is slightly more spacious than Standard. Suitable for in-transit customers who would wish to have more space than that for standard room

TSH 60,000/= or $50   Book Now

Twin Room

Spacious 13x9 Ft room with two 3.5x6 ft beds. Twin rooms can be useful for children who come along their parents as well as individuals who come in groups.

TSH 60,000/= or $50   Book Now

Executive Room

A spacious 13x10.5 Ft room. It has a 6x6 ft single bed, coffee table, one chair and a refrigerator.

TSH 70,000/= or $60   Book Now

Mini Suite

Spacious 15x12 Ft room with one 6x6 ft bed. There is a coffee table and two chairs, a refrigerator, coffee and tea maker as well as drinking water.

TSH 80,000/= or $65   Book Now

Triple Room

Also spacious 14.5x13 Ft room with three beds of 3.5x6 Ft each. Triple room is useful for group guests who expect to spend a couple of days in the city.

TSH 90,000/= or $70   Book Now